Favourite Hip-Hop Albums of 2015

So, even though I’ve been listening to a lot of albums in the last year, these two are still my favourite:


J.Cole’s “2014 Forest Hills Drive”
My favourite album since Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid M.A.A.D City”
I’ve been bumping this album since I got it in December and I’m STILL on it.
I love most of all that he did the production – and I’m a sucker for a good sample.
It’s this great production and story-telling that definitely made Nas proud along with wonderful messages like “Love Yourz” that what make this what is my favourite Hip-hop album of the year and it probably will be for a really long time.


Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly”
This is definitely the most important Rap album I’ve heard since Dead Prez’s “Let’s Get Free”
Kendrick really exhibited his unique ability to have awesome content with that adaptive (to the production and therefore feel of the song) Kendrick delivery that I came to love while listening to “Section 80”
Many people argue that “it’s not as Hip-hop as his other works” or that “it’s too jazzy” but I beg to differ: you know, because besides the fact that Hip-hop is DEEPly rooted in Jazz (making THAT argument invalid), this album has a really important message that is delivered really well with amazing flows – exactly what Hip-hop is about.
I believe this album, like “Let’s Get Free” will continue to be played for as long as there are Hip-hop heads.


The Conspiracy (A verse by EarthlyTIM)

Conspiracy theories are all over these days, so much so that we wouldn’t be able to tell which ones are legitimate and which ones aren’t.

In 2010, after I’d been watching a lot of documentaries on secret societies, institutions and policies that govern the world, I wrote this verse.

I don’t want to talk about it too much because I feel like that will interfere with how you feel about it – I don’t want that (I’m sure you figured that out)

Now, I’ll eventually record this and put it on a beat so as to make a song but this is the text:

We’re the chefs that made the food, made sure it’s dope, insatiable/
Then told them that they’re poisoned with no antidote available/
Tell them they have choices not knowing the vote’s for sale to you/
Say “Heaven’s in the sky” – but Earth is where devils have angels too/

Fade to blue, preferably Navy to seal soliloquies/
Made by crews with general lights so shadows deal like military/
Make them do once monkey sees guerrilla’s ill wizardry/
Not safe for you, here’s a service to protect your reels’ facilities/

Put rappers in cyphers, tracks and stages where you run the show/
Parents can’t advise so it’s for all ages who come and go/
Make them battle saying others are crazy with their crummy flows/
With every diss, the crowd goes “OH!!!” but did they learn something? No/

Want to know? It’s made to seem like you’re given choices/
Expose them and they say you’re crazy like you’re hearing voices/
Those who know are just too overwhelmed by fear to voice it/
The truth’s inside, we just need to block out exterior noises/

May the light in all things be with you

De La Soul Hooked A Brother Up

I always tell people that I’ve BEEN listening to Hip Hop, that’s why it took so long for me to adapt to this “new age” stuff.

That being said, one of the oldest crews in Hip Hop, De La Soul, celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary by giving their albums up for free download.

Now, initially, I thought I could only get one so I only chose my favourite of their albums, “Stakes Is High” then, to my surprise, I got an email that gave me links to ALL of their albums.

I’m in my happy place.

May the light in all things be with you.

The Intro

The Intro

The Body

The Body

The Rest... With Artwork

The Rest… With Artwork

Actions Speak Louder Than Talking About Action

Do we ever really own things anymore??

See, with all these things on the internet, there’s not really a need for one to BUY things:

If I would like to watch a movie/tv show, I simply type the name into my preferred search engine and I find a link (or three) that not only gives me the option to watch it online but also to download it if I choose to do so.

If I would like to listen to a particular song, I no longer have to go and buy the album, I can either buy the song on iTunes – or a similar app – or use the myriad of other options to just listen to it online (SoundCloud, LastFM, Youtube, etc) or download it – usually through a downloader of the aforementioned sites (I needn’t tell you how many life-hacks can be found on the internet).


Now, that being said: with how easy it is to get things – regardless how fraudulently – are anti-piracy campaigns enough? Is this a problem that can be fixed purely by talking about how severe the consequences for getting caught are?


I think the incentive/s for buying things should be changed – owning something has lost its meaning.

My father used to tell me that he bought vinyls – and then tapes and then CDs – because of the satisfaction that he could play his favourite song whenever HE wanted without having to rely on the radio – clearly, the reliance has been lowered; actually, it’s almost non-existent.


As to what incentives can be introduced, I don’t know yet, I just know that we’re causing ourselves more stress and wasting time and money on campaigns to stop piracy whilst actually doing nothing real about it – kind of like what they’re doing to get rid of drugs. . . but we’re not getting into that.

Well, I hope you’ve got some solutions; I know I spend a lot of time coming up with some – let’s hope we collectively stop drawing blanks.


May the light in all things be with you.


Now In The Clouds

Well, I’m going a little slowly with this “change” thing but hey, “journey of a thousand miles…” and what have you.


Anyway, I’ve been chopping samples since I was in high school – I’m still not great at it but I believe I’m good enough to publish some of my works.

That being said, I made some songs during the time I was studying Sound Engineering – they aren’t well mixed but sound . . . good enough to put online.

That being said (yes, I used it again); I’ve now got a SoundCloud account; please check it out and let me know what you think.

Here’s the link to it:



May the light in all things be with you.