Jiddu Krishnamurti For The Win!

I saw a quote once that significantly encompasses why I behave the way I do towards things like trends (regardless in what field) and conventions.

I believe that, if applied, deals with problems from a proactive stance rather than a reactive one (cause level than an effect).

See, society seems to be stuck in being so busy dealing with reactive things (crime, poverty, corruption and so on) that proactive ones can never become part of the agenda.
It’s what I once heard referred to as “being so busy dealing with urgent that we can’t do what’s IMPORTANT” – the person from which I heard didn’t necessarily stress what I did; but he’s not the one writing this, is he (this is a rhetorical question – figured since you let your governments and corporations always tell you what to think, you may have lost the ability to do so independently, so I’m just here to help you *wink*)

I believe the quote says: “Think before you buy what you don’t need, question before you blindly obey what you’re told by those in power – yes, even if it is YOU who are in power.”

If you don’t know Jiddu Krishnamurti, google him, read some of his work – you’ll probably thank me, but that’s not why I’m telling you to do so.

We don’t have race, country or continent problems, we have HUMAN problems and it’s spreading such thinking that will get us to start working on them:


May the light in all things be with you


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