The Wedding Part 1

Have you guys seen Trophy Wife??
You should. It’s funny and has the second cutest kid (Lily from Modern Family being number one) on TV.
Here are some moments from The Wedding Episode Part 1 that I thoroughly enjoyed:

“Why do you guys still have a VCR??”

“Because technology’s cyclical: think about fire – people are using that again.”

Hahahahaha. This guy says more “on point” things but this was the best one

“Russ, maybe it’s time we stop sneaking around and we’re open about our relationship”

“I’ve been waiting two years to hear you say that”

I don’t know if I could be a secret for two years – a year, eleven months, three weeks and six days is where I draw the line!!!

Bert (the second cutest kid on tele) shuts Steve (his Mom’s new boyfriend) down for getting too comfortable too soon with him – this is a “you had to be there kind of moment”

Things come in threes, right?! *Illuminati voice*
Hope you get to watch this episode and let me know what your favourite parts were *secretly knows these three will be included*

May the light in all things be with you


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