De La Soul Hooked A Brother Up

I always tell people that I’ve BEEN listening to Hip Hop, that’s why it took so long for me to adapt to this “new age” stuff.

That being said, one of the oldest crews in Hip Hop, De La Soul, celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary by giving their albums up for free download.

Now, initially, I thought I could only get one so I only chose my favourite of their albums, “Stakes Is High” then, to my surprise, I got an email that gave me links to ALL of their albums.

I’m in my happy place.

May the light in all things be with you.

The Intro

The Intro

The Body

The Body

The Rest... With Artwork

The Rest… With Artwork

17 Shakespearean Insults We Should Start Using Again

17 Shakespearean Insults We Should Start Using Again

When I first read Shakespeare, I thought “how did people find LONGER ways to talk to each other?!?!”
Now that I’ve read more than a few of his works – along with other works of that time – I’ve come to appreciate the language and definitely feel that certain things about the language should start being used again – Starting with these.

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1. Away you three-inch fool!

This sentence is a vicious attack on a man’s confidence and in modern times it’d sound something like “Get out of my sight you tiny penis having chump!” Words can hurt. Sticks and stones will break your bones but an itty-bitty penis comment will eat away at you like cancer. If you’re looking to land a devastating blow, this is your balled up, brass knuckle decorated fist.

2. I must tell you friendly in your ear, sell when you can, you are not for all markets.

How cold blooded would it be to tell a friend to settle for whatever they can get. This is the same as saying “No offense, but you should probably date anyone who is interested because you’re not exactly a catch.” Ouch, you may as well save some syllables and say “Beggars can’t be choosers, ugly.”


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