For Our Rainbow Child: A Late Letter To Kush

Dear Kush.

I have WAY too many awesome memories of you – I’m sure everyone that knows you does too – so that’s not what I’l be sharing, instead:

You remember how I kept telling you that Rainbow Child is my favourite The Brother Moves On song and how I’d not only like to re-record and mix it but would also like to be in the vid with you and BJ??
Well, now that I’ll never get the chance, here’s my “rendition” of what we would’ve done (you know me and my dark version of everything):

Goodbye my bubbly rainbow child – I guess I waited to too long to see you.
Being apart will make time more bleak.
For never again will we get to speak.

I keep thinking that doing such things may cheapen your memory but I know that you knew that this is my way of dealing with loss – I’m actually certain that you’d encourage it and almost wouldn’t let me stop until I was done.

Thanks for constantly showing me that rainbow after the rain – I’ll keep trying to find it.

Rest In Paradise, bro.
May the light in all things be with you – thanks for sharing yours with us.


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