Read This

I’ve always said how I wasn’t an avid reader before and then that changed in 2008 when I realised how lame that was.
I now read quite a lot – still not Avid Reader status; you know, at least four books a month (one per week) but I’m getting there.

I recently discovered that my reason for not reading as much as I thought I should’ve been was my access to books that interest me (usually non-fiction) so I did the thing that I should’ve done YEARS ago: I went and got a library card.

Now I not only have the access to a large quantity of books but there’s the added advantage of the books having to be back by a certain date – this makes me finish books quickly and move on to other ones.


May the light in all things be with you.


Bill Hicks Was Legit

For obvious reasons, I quite enjoy the comedy of Bill Hicks.
If those reasons aren’t obvious, I’ll share them with you:
1. He was Atheist so he poked as much fun at religion as I tend to (he did so with a lot less respect for religious people so CUT ME SOME SLACK before you take offense to anything I say).
2. His belief – which I agree with – that everything and everyone in the world is one – I can explain this but I wouldn’t do it justice right now; besides, that wouldn’t serve the purpose of this post.

This quote is from one of his specials. I used it as one of the sound bites in a track I did called “Opinions This Way Come” which can be found on my SoundCloud page (a little self-promotion doesn’t hurt, right?? – you know, because if it does, I would’ve felt the pain by the time you read this so uhhh. . . I’m gonna just go with it).

The quote encompasses – aside from the blatant patriarchy that plagues us even today – the lack of rationality that (dare I say “used to”??) existed in the church.
See, at some point in the past, saying that having a female priest was uncommon would be a bigger understatement than a speech given in the basement (see what I did there??).
Bill Hicks highlights just how little a difference it really made once they started allowing women to be priests:

“. . . women priests?? Great, great; now there’s priests of BOTH sexes I don’t listen to, fuck, I don’t care.”

Don’t ever let someone’s gender (or anything else, for that matter) determine how you judge their ability to perform a task.

May the light in all things be with you.