A Quote

I’m Atheist but that doesn’t mean I fail to recognize the poetry and philosophy in religious messages or that I don’t learn from characters – that’d be myopic, and myopic I am not!!
The section of the book I’m reading talks about love and its various elements.
I’ve often heard Christians say: “God is love” – while I disagree with this for a myriad of reasons (I’m STILL writing that post), I think it’s phrased better (leaves less “holes”) in this quote with which the author cathartically ends the chapter:

“only out of the humility of love can humans dare to be God” – M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled.

May the light in all things be with you.


Trying New Things

I recently read the book: “Who Moved My Cheese

I found myself – perhaps not so ironically – moved by this book.

It’s about change and how people react to it differently based on their general demeanor; also about how said demeanor determines how painfully/lessly they react to this change.

It’s about an hour’s read so pick it up, you won’t regret doing so.

The most important question that book asks is: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

It BLEW MY MIND because so often, I have the knowledge that a change must be made and the resources to make it happen but am too. . . apprehensive and/or stuck in my ways – notice how I avoided the word “afraid” or any of it’s connotational (I don’t know if that’s a word, I basically mean something similar in connotation) counterparts  . . .maybe that’s something else I should change – to make the actual change happen.

Well I’ve been taking on some new adventures like talking to random people I find myself sitting next to; trying foods I’ve only seen written and have no idea how to pronounce and so on.

See, I’m well aware that these aren’t the kind of small steps that land one on the moon but they are a “giant leap” for this man’s kind – shout out to Neil Armstrong. LOL!!! – so calm your judgements down a bit!!

I started reading a blog which is about a certain lady (along with some of her followers)’s sexual endeavors. Now, I too have had sexual experiences but have never written about them, though I have secretly always wanted to.

So, I asked myself: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” – to which the answer was (having seen the standard): “SUBMIT SOME AWESOMELY-WRITTEN-SEX-ON-A-PAGE, NYIIIKKAAA!!!!! *Stinkmeaner voice*”

This awesomely-written-sex-on-a-page can be found on her blog at: polymisfit.wordpress.com

So, I’ll be doing that in less than a week: those who know me know how pedantic I am when it comes to things I publish so needless to say, I want my piece/s to be perfect.

Standby for results, until then:

May the light in all things be with you.


Target Acquired

I spend way too much time running away from my problems. It’s the “easy way out” – it’s called that for a reason, right?
Heck, I spend so much time running from my problems that half the time, I’m not even aware of which one/s I’m running away from.
I hate falling into self-pity, I think it’s a cop-out; it’s way too easy to go for instead of confront the real problem: ME!
It’s apparently a good thing for one to be introspective; my issue’s that that introspection ends at identifying the problem.
See, after identification, one should seek understanding; then a method one can apply to solve the problem; then – what I feel is the most important bit – take the necessary action to solve the problem.
See, even when I go through the first three processes, I find myself being eluded by that last part.
Am I weak-willed (my want for a better term should be obvious); lacking in discipline (kind of the same thing but worthy of mention nonetheless) or do I just really not want to change?
There are very few things that one can make me do without my entire consent, so that rules the first two options (which were really just the same thing worded differently) out.
So I suppose it must be the last option. . . I’m not really willing to accept that; my lack of acceptance, however, doesn’t seem to be enough motivation to keep it from being true.
My weak-willed “nature” (I don’t believe in “human nature”. . . But we’ll discuss that in another piece) makes this paradoxical because if it were strong enough, my accepting of my not wanting to change would be easier; but so would be my will to take action in the aforementioned process.

I’m confused, but I seek neither help nor judgement – I do, however, welcome opinion. . . Hell, even if you judge, it changes nothing because this piece has only two purposes:
1. To make sure I’m still writing.
2. To start the first step of the process I mentioned.
I hope you can identify with me (see what I did there?)

I know the previous paragraph served as what should have been my introduction, but that’d be going back to a structured style of writing and as we’ve already discussed, keeping things about myself the same is NOT one of my problems.

May the light in all things be with you.