I’m Just Saying. . .

When you’re a writer – wait, that’s the first time I’ve ever referred to myself as a writer. . . I like the way it sounds – especially one who writes in the same style as I do (mainly opinion pieces), people seem to expect you to be as open in “real life” as when you’re writing.

Is it unfair that I’m a different person “on paper”?? Heck, if what is on paper defined what one’s character and/or personality, then pretty much anyone with the same qualification (degree/diploma/etc.) is the same person; by the same token, anyone with any form of title is also the same as anyone else who possesses that title.

I say this because I’m not necessarily as I am in my writing, I’m more reserved (baring of course, the times when I’m totally out of bracket – see what I did there??) . . . Well, let’s just say it doesn’t take as much energy to be this “out there” on paper – enthusiasm is easier to express in the tone of a sentence than it is in person.
There’s the obvious irony that both forms of enthusiasm include talking with my hands. See what I did there?? – sorry, I’m not usually this thrilled with myself, it must have something to do with my mood; something else that’s easier to do “on paper”
This lack of enthusiasm and willingness-to-express-personality wears off as I get to know someone, though.

So, should we ever meet in person; don’t take my lack of enthusiasm as me not being interested in your opinion, I just have to warm up to you.
Until we meet (again, for some of you). . .

May the light in all things be with you

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