Back. . . Again


So, it’s been a while. . . AGAIN. . . .but we’re not talking about the past anymore.

Honestly, I would write more if. . . wait, excuses are so last-time-I-blogged-about-not-blogging so don’t mind that.

I’ll probably be reblogging a lot from now on. . . Well, when I’m not posting my own stuff – the last two months have made me feel that this is a lost cause.

When I first started Tweeting, my profile was a little dry – I’m referring to the lack of activity, I don’t know of any tweeting/typing devices that need to be wet to work; heck, I don’t know of any that CAN work whilst wet. *giggles a little on the inside* – because I wanted all my tweets to be original so I wasn’t retweeting. No, I wasn’t only doing so because I didn’t understand Twitter or know what retweeting was – I can hear you judging me erroneously.

My life’s been peachy, but I’m one to write about thoughts rather than events – my activities are a lot more normal than my thoughts – I know, it’s like: “really, TIM?? Who woulda thunk it?!”

Anyway, let’s talk next time.

May the light in all things be with you.



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