A Piece About A Poem

So, I’m going through my Facebook profile getting, rid of groups I no longer want to be a part of, pages I no longer “like” and … well, we’ll just call it “doing some maintenance” and just as I think I’m done, I look through my “Notes” and find a poem I wrote in 2008 – you know, the era in which I used to write more.

I think I was going through some sort of awakening – which is probably the only reason I kept it.

With no further ado, here it is:


My Abstract Existence

Be a thinker with half the credit/
As a beer-drinker whose apathetic/
A sprinter for wooden splinters and sinker in anaesthetics/

I’m doomed and in a daze/
Flowers bloom, I’m amazed/
Seeing the sun groom the moon to leave no gloom in our days/

Half the time I’m confused/
Feeling like my mind is bruised/
A silly sign of youth, I find that truth is what my prime refused/

Wake up and know I’m blessed/
Still wanna smoke some zest/
But hope’s a pest and smoking tests my breaths and open chest/

Tries to believe in a higher being/
Tell me my mind is fleeing/
Beauty exists but usually sits where my eye isn’t seeing/

Going towards positive, it’s trapped in the distance/
‘Til I’m there, I’ll enjoy the intangible nature of my abstract existence/


May the light in all things be with you.



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