Every once in a while, I give into my depression.
This post explains almost everything I do during this time.

Thought Catalog

Feel depressed. Feel like the world isn’t worth it anymore. Feel too tired to deal with anything.

Cancel all plans, or honestly have no plans anyway. I mean, come on, right?

Head to the supermarket and get a bunch of snacks. Stuff you normally wouldn’t even eat like marshmallows and weird Dutch cookies and cheese cubes.

Spread it all out on your counter like a bounty from the saddest pirate ship.

Get into pajamas. Make sure it includes sweatpants and some gross T-shirt you’d never ever let outside society see you wearing. Maybe it’s from some frat party freshman year of college and has a terrible sexual pun on it. Put on stained, ripped underwear. Just make sure you won’t even be slightly tempted to go outside.

Wrap yourself in blankets. Put your comforter over your shoulders. Pull the blanket off the couch and wrap it around you. Stuff pillows…

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