Lol. Number 10 is CLASSIC!!!

Thought Catalog

1. Having a witty, brilliant, perfect thought that’s over 140 characters. After you rewrite it to fit Twitter’s limits, it’s never quite the same. Grammar will be sacrificed or words rearranged and replaced by abbreviations – very unfortunate stuff that compromises the quality of the original Tweet.

2. Accidentally double-tapping on Instagram, or liking on Facebook, a picture that you had no business viewing in the first place. Maybe it belonged to an ex you were checking up on, or perhaps it’s someone who you aren’t friends with/don’t follow, but you enjoy lurking  occasionally. Either way, they’ll see that some stranger or former lover liked their picture, and you’ll be exposed for your prowling habits.

3. Realizing after the fact, that you’ve literally spent 10+ minutes of your day going back and forth, trying to decide on the right Instagram filter. Hudson? Valencia? 1977? Oh, boy – how am I supposed…

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