A Piece About A Poem

So, I’m going through my Facebook profile getting, rid of groups I no longer want to be a part of, pages I no longer “like” and … well, we’ll just call it “doing some maintenance” and just as I think I’m done, I look through my “Notes” and find a poem I wrote in 2008 – you know, the era in which I used to write more.

I think I was going through some sort of awakening – which is probably the only reason I kept it.

With no further ado, here it is:


My Abstract Existence

Be a thinker with half the credit/
As a beer-drinker whose apathetic/
A sprinter for wooden splinters and sinker in anaesthetics/

I’m doomed and in a daze/
Flowers bloom, I’m amazed/
Seeing the sun groom the moon to leave no gloom in our days/

Half the time I’m confused/
Feeling like my mind is bruised/
A silly sign of youth, I find that truth is what my prime refused/

Wake up and know I’m blessed/
Still wanna smoke some zest/
But hope’s a pest and smoking tests my breaths and open chest/

Tries to believe in a higher being/
Tell me my mind is fleeing/
Beauty exists but usually sits where my eye isn’t seeing/

Going towards positive, it’s trapped in the distance/
‘Til I’m there, I’ll enjoy the intangible nature of my abstract existence/


May the light in all things be with you.



Every once in a while, I give into my depression.
This post explains almost everything I do during this time.

Thought Catalog

Feel depressed. Feel like the world isn’t worth it anymore. Feel too tired to deal with anything.

Cancel all plans, or honestly have no plans anyway. I mean, come on, right?

Head to the supermarket and get a bunch of snacks. Stuff you normally wouldn’t even eat like marshmallows and weird Dutch cookies and cheese cubes.

Spread it all out on your counter like a bounty from the saddest pirate ship.

Get into pajamas. Make sure it includes sweatpants and some gross T-shirt you’d never ever let outside society see you wearing. Maybe it’s from some frat party freshman year of college and has a terrible sexual pun on it. Put on stained, ripped underwear. Just make sure you won’t even be slightly tempted to go outside.

Wrap yourself in blankets. Put your comforter over your shoulders. Pull the blanket off the couch and wrap it around you. Stuff pillows…

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POW!!! We cannot wait for this!!!

tlalek's Blog

Press Release: For Immediate Release

ImageUrban Phenomenon Entertainment (UPE) is pleased to announce that American hiphop Icons Planet Asia, Skyzoo, Tristate and DJ Prince will be performing two special shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

In April 2012, UPE in collaboration with SABC1 continued its mission of making Hip-Hop history by presenting legendary producer/DJ 9thWonder and Foreign Exchange member Phonte to a sold out crowd in Newtown, Bassline. This year is poised to be even better with Skyzoo Planet Asia, DJ Prince and Skyzoo’s special guest.

UPE is known for bringing artists like Grammy Award nominees Dwele, Bilal, Eric Roberson, Soul Train Award nominee Goapele, Jamla recording artist Rapsody, Actproof and legendary hip-hop lyricist Canibus to South Africa.

The hip-hop show dubbed Hip-hop Explosion 2013 will be preceded by a hiphop summit which will provide a space to bring together members of the hip-hop community to share their experiences and…

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Lol. Number 10 is CLASSIC!!!

Thought Catalog

1. Having a witty, brilliant, perfect thought that’s over 140 characters. After you rewrite it to fit Twitter’s limits, it’s never quite the same. Grammar will be sacrificed or words rearranged and replaced by abbreviations – very unfortunate stuff that compromises the quality of the original Tweet.

2. Accidentally double-tapping on Instagram, or liking on Facebook, a picture that you had no business viewing in the first place. Maybe it belonged to an ex you were checking up on, or perhaps it’s someone who you aren’t friends with/don’t follow, but you enjoy lurking  occasionally. Either way, they’ll see that some stranger or former lover liked their picture, and you’ll be exposed for your prowling habits.

3. Realizing after the fact, that you’ve literally spent 10+ minutes of your day going back and forth, trying to decide on the right Instagram filter. Hudson? Valencia? 1977? Oh, boy – how am I supposed…

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Why Can’t I Just Drive a Toyota??

I heard on the radio one morning that worldwide, a Toyota is sold every three seconds. 
Right there, I thought: Why Can’t I just drive a Toyota?

Now, the name EarthlyTIM isn’t just something I tripped on on some random day whilst taking a drunken walk in the mazes of my mind; I came up with it based on a particular belief I have.

This belief is one that is sort of the glue that holds all of my thoughts – however idealistic – together. It is that we, as human beings, should do our best to make decisions that ensure the EFFICIENT sustainability of Earth. The Efficiency part is just as important as how long we can make it last. Efficiency, at least for me, also implies that there will be an emergent – changing according to the times – way of acquiring new information that may help to increase efficiency without attaching our egos to the ideas that we’ve come up with at the time – by “attaching our egos” I mean that we endorse the idea whilst shying from criticism and/or are too complacent to change it. I believe this to be the deterrent in improving our civilization holistically.

I believe this placing of egos on ideas that we’ve come up with tends to breed complacency, it says that where we are is okay to be and keeps us from testing that theory continuously against opposing ideas that may prove it to be irrelevant and/or outdated.

This is what I believe is happening with the use of oil. Numerous Energy Summits have been held; delegates from all over the world meet up in conference rooms and for a number of days – I know, how long does it take to say: “let’s just use the clean energy we’ve been hiding from most of the world”?? RIGHT?! – then talk about all the ways of harnessing clean energy types that “cost a lot less to run but are VERY expensive to start up” – I mention this point because all the advocates of oil say this.

I think the main reason we – collectively, as a race (humans) – have attached our egos to the idea of burning oil is because of the monetary value it has and how many people have been and stand to make even more money from it.
Anyone benefiting financially from this concept does not want to lose their income; and living in a monetary society, who can blame them?

Now, accepting that we have a monetary economy – yes, I would rather have a resource-based-economy http://www.thevenusproject.com/ – I believe that its biggest fault – and there are MANY – is the concept of Consumerism. There’s a big difference between buying things you need, buying things you want and spending money on things just because of how they’re advertised.

I believe it is this very concept that leads people to believing that not being able to afford fancy things makes one inadequate. It is for that reason that I ask:

Why can’t I just drive a Toyota?

Cars are for transport, not status. Now, sure, if the ride can be comfortable and as fast as you’d like to be travelling then it’s an added benefit but that shouldn’t be the focus of why one should purchase a car. If one makes decisions based on what’s better for the world then we’ll have more hybrid cars – I think people who act smug once they’ve made the decision to do something more “green” are just an equal but opposite part of the consumerism problem.

I believe driving a car as efficient as a Toyota (and I’m sure there are other, possibly better cars; I’ve just had more personal experience with Toyotas) should  be the benchmark of good decision-making; if all you need is a bike, there’s no need to have a car. If all you need is a to drive in the city, having a 4×4/SUV is too excessive. For as long as we’re running on oil, having a car that doesn’t serve only the needs of your everyday travels is wasteful and therefore unnecessary.

So I ask you: why can’t we all drive Toyotas? – your hope for a better future only makes sense if you take the action/s – however small – necessary to make it so, I believe it begins with how we make our decisions about things like energy consumption.

So drive a Toyota, and save your planet. Nay, OUR planet, TODAY

PS. Toyota did not pay me to write this.

May the light in all things be with you