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The point of all of this writing is not to tell as many people about myself – it’s to work up the discipline it takes for me to start writing the kind of pieces I want to write: informative and somewhat thought-provoking.

I’m certain that somewhere in me lives a penned story or three waiting to make its/their escape onto paper at a time when I’m better-equipped as a writer.

I’ve never believed that I have the character “required” to be a writer. Having been raised on television; I’ve come to notice that the writers there are completely different to me: they’re open-minded yet set in their ways; they’re vain yet considerate; basically, a bunch of paradoxical characteristics that I tend to either miss or get vice versa, which surprisingly doesn’t work as well.

I’m subconsciously under the impression that one has to imagine themselves as some sort of alter ego in order to write well, my problem is that I’m unable to really decide who this person is and/or should be.

This brings up the question: does choosing to be a particular character dictate what kind of story one can write?

I believe that it doesn’t – any character, regardless how misplaced, can live under any conditions. Those of a story are in fact always better because their outcomes – as opposed to those in “real life” – are easier to control. . . IF one is lucky enough to be able to control them in the first place.

Well, my I’m glad you’re on this journey with me, I trust you’re enjoying the ride – more destinations on the way.  (see what I did there?? No, don’t worry. Yes, well. . .  That’s awesome)

May the light in all things be with you.



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