Fifty, BREAK!!

Well, for a little background (yes, I – ironically –  didn’t just jump in there), the title of this piece comes from a movie called “Eagle vs Shark” – I’m not going to explain too much because it’s one of those “you have to have seen it” kinda things so:

This guy is doing something mundane (bouncing a ball on a table repeatedly) and when this girl – one he is trying to impress – comes in, he not only makes it seem like an impressive athletic feat but; that he’s excellent at it and is on his 50th bounce and must therefore take a break.


Now, I bring this reference up because of the workplace: see, at lunchtime, especially when someone of authority – that one is constantly trying to impress – is around, one acts like they were just finishing something quickly before they go to lunch for a well-deserved meal.  These people have in fact, left that last task since some point LONG before the previous hour and then sit around and chat to coworkers whilst surfing the net, usually with a few tabs of social media sites open – thank Universe for Twitter, Facebook and blogs – until that last few minutes before lunch. It’s quite amusing, really. Pay attention to it, you’ll see.


Now, another thing is that on a Friday, this time of the day leaves me very confused: not only am I thinking: “damn, I NEED to have some form of fun tonight” but also, I’m pressurized by the “Itis Factor” – you  know, the calculation of how full you can get based on  how much work you still have to do after lunch.

Well, I’m gonna sit here and scratch my head; you head on to an awesome weekend.


May the light in all things be with you



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