All Write-y Then

I pride myself on living outside the boundaries prescribed by society, the one I reject most is that a person must “be” one thing. You know: Lawyer, Teacher, Author and so on.

Now, I think that if you’re going to choose to be ONE thing, choose to be human – we’re all human first; or at least should be.Your job shouldn’t determine the kind of person you are.

Now, I want to go into what it means to be human but that’s not what this piece is about – I’ll certainly develop that piece though.

This very issue is why I think any answer that begins with “I’m a…” is incorrect when one asks “what do you do” and if you can’t see why then perhaps we need to start with some English lessons BEFORE we carry on with this.
People often think I’m being facetious (as you probably also do after my previous comment) when they ask me what I do and I say: “Mostly, I read, watch TV shows and write when the muse pays a visit and I’m not too lazy to open the door or at least let her in through the window” (yes, sometimes my muse takes the shape of Katie Holmes, not always as Joey – yes this is a “Dawson’s Creek” reference; NO, I’m not embarrassed)
Truth is: I AM being facetious when I do that, but this is MY blog; just kidding, we’re not going there now. I only do it to highlight the importance of one’s maintaining of the balance between work and other aspects of their lives.

That being said: I studied and practice sound engineering, I make electronic music, I read, I socialize, I tweet and I write and/or blog. Yet when someone asks what I do; I don’t say “I’m a sound engineer/musician/READER – I thought this one to be a funny one/. . .. ”
Honestly; I generally give someone some arb, usually made-up-for-dramatic-effect kind of profession, my favourite one is one I found when I was reading about Pick-up Artists (I SO badly want to write about them too. . . and will): “I’m an under-water-basket-weaver” – I know, right?!?! Gets me every time.

Also, even though I studied sound engineering, I see myself more as a writer, which is weird because I – as I’ve mentioned before and will probably do so numerous more times – don’t write as much as I used to.

Either way, I not only will I not let society determine how many things I can “be” but I also won’t let it determine which one of those things I’m allowed to call myself.

I’ve heard the saying “you get good at what you do” a myriad of times; I don’t not agree with it, I just feel that getting good at something doesn’t mean one has to use that thing as a point of reference for who they are: I engineer audio,  I write, I read and I do a whole lot of other things but it’s my approach to those things and how I use the things I learn from them that makes me who I am.


If you’re good at being a douche though, you’re a douche – don’t let anything I said before this make you think that saving a particular type of cactus from being eaten by some super camel make you a good human being.

I’m just joking. Do good, be good and all will be good. . . or not; what am I?? FATE??


May the light in all things be with you.


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