Well, some of these don’t apply to me but it’s interesting to see that they do to so many black folk that I know.
I’m on that Ice-Cube-On-21-Jump-Street vibe: I embrace my stereotypes so as to not let them own me in anyway.


The Blog Explained

The point of all of this writing is not to tell as many people about myself – it’s to work up the discipline it takes for me to start writing the kind of pieces I want to write: informative and somewhat thought-provoking.

I’m certain that somewhere in me lives a penned story or three waiting to make its/their escape onto paper at a time when I’m better-equipped as a writer.

I’ve never believed that I have the character “required” to be a writer. Having been raised on television; I’ve come to notice that the writers there are completely different to me: they’re open-minded yet set in their ways; they’re vain yet considerate; basically, a bunch of paradoxical characteristics that I tend to either miss or get vice versa, which surprisingly doesn’t work as well.

I’m subconsciously under the impression that one has to imagine themselves as some sort of alter ego in order to write well, my problem is that I’m unable to really decide who this person is and/or should be.

This brings up the question: does choosing to be a particular character dictate what kind of story one can write?

I believe that it doesn’t – any character, regardless how misplaced, can live under any conditions. Those of a story are in fact always better because their outcomes – as opposed to those in “real life” – are easier to control. . . IF one is lucky enough to be able to control them in the first place.

Well, my I’m glad you’re on this journey with me, I trust you’re enjoying the ride – more destinations on the way.  (see what I did there?? No, don’t worry. Yes, well. . .  That’s awesome)

May the light in all things be with you.


I don’t know boatloads about Advertising but having been involved in the production of some radio, web and television adverts (I have a budding career in sound engineering); I know enough to. . . “Stay afloat” – as in I possess adequate knowledge to give a semi-educated opinion.
That being said, I endorse my friend, SbuDaBuddist’s opinion that this is a rather awesome print advert.




Such a clever use of Copy writing. I have friends at Y&R i wonder if they can vouch for what these print ads are saying about the company.

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Okay, most – if not all of you – already know how I feel about religion, for those who don’t, there’re a few pieces in on the way.
Anyway, most of my friends subscribe to SOME form of religion – I I’m just glad they’re WAY smarter than this guy.

Safe Among The Heathen

Kirk Cameron may not have had a lot of credibility before this video, but he sure doesn’t have any now. I know that some Christians are irrational and delusional in their belief, but this guy took it a step too far. He obviously didn’t think this theory through. Somewhere in the world, there is a Christian panicking because their banana did not come with a “pull tab” and wondering what does it all mean? Here’s hoping Kirk Cameron is the only one gullible enough to swallow this cupful of crazy.

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like an absolute genius after watching this.

Cheers and Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Fifty, BREAK!!

Well, for a little background (yes, I – ironically –  didn’t just jump in there), the title of this piece comes from a movie called “Eagle vs Shark” – I’m not going to explain too much because it’s one of those “you have to have seen it” kinda things so:

This guy is doing something mundane (bouncing a ball on a table repeatedly) and when this girl – one he is trying to impress – comes in, he not only makes it seem like an impressive athletic feat but; that he’s excellent at it and is on his 50th bounce and must therefore take a break.


Now, I bring this reference up because of the workplace: see, at lunchtime, especially when someone of authority – that one is constantly trying to impress – is around, one acts like they were just finishing something quickly before they go to lunch for a well-deserved meal.  These people have in fact, left that last task since some point LONG before the previous hour and then sit around and chat to coworkers whilst surfing the net, usually with a few tabs of social media sites open – thank Universe for Twitter, Facebook and blogs – until that last few minutes before lunch. It’s quite amusing, really. Pay attention to it, you’ll see.


Now, another thing is that on a Friday, this time of the day leaves me very confused: not only am I thinking: “damn, I NEED to have some form of fun tonight” but also, I’m pressurized by the “Itis Factor” – you  know, the calculation of how full you can get based on  how much work you still have to do after lunch.

Well, I’m gonna sit here and scratch my head; you head on to an awesome weekend.


May the light in all things be with you


All Write-y Then

I pride myself on living outside the boundaries prescribed by society, the one I reject most is that a person must “be” one thing. You know: Lawyer, Teacher, Author and so on.

Now, I think that if you’re going to choose to be ONE thing, choose to be human – we’re all human first; or at least should be.Your job shouldn’t determine the kind of person you are.

Now, I want to go into what it means to be human but that’s not what this piece is about – I’ll certainly develop that piece though.

This very issue is why I think any answer that begins with “I’m a…” is incorrect when one asks “what do you do” and if you can’t see why then perhaps we need to start with some English lessons BEFORE we carry on with this.
People often think I’m being facetious (as you probably also do after my previous comment) when they ask me what I do and I say: “Mostly, I read, watch TV shows and write when the muse pays a visit and I’m not too lazy to open the door or at least let her in through the window” (yes, sometimes my muse takes the shape of Katie Holmes, not always as Joey – yes this is a “Dawson’s Creek” reference; NO, I’m not embarrassed)
Truth is: I AM being facetious when I do that, but this is MY blog; just kidding, we’re not going there now. I only do it to highlight the importance of one’s maintaining of the balance between work and other aspects of their lives.

That being said: I studied and practice sound engineering, I make electronic music, I read, I socialize, I tweet and I write and/or blog. Yet when someone asks what I do; I don’t say “I’m a sound engineer/musician/READER – I thought this one to be a funny one/. . .. ”
Honestly; I generally give someone some arb, usually made-up-for-dramatic-effect kind of profession, my favourite one is one I found when I was reading about Pick-up Artists (I SO badly want to write about them too. . . and will): “I’m an under-water-basket-weaver” – I know, right?!?! Gets me every time.

Also, even though I studied sound engineering, I see myself more as a writer, which is weird because I – as I’ve mentioned before and will probably do so numerous more times – don’t write as much as I used to.

Either way, I not only will I not let society determine how many things I can “be” but I also won’t let it determine which one of those things I’m allowed to call myself.

I’ve heard the saying “you get good at what you do” a myriad of times; I don’t not agree with it, I just feel that getting good at something doesn’t mean one has to use that thing as a point of reference for who they are: I engineer audio,  I write, I read and I do a whole lot of other things but it’s my approach to those things and how I use the things I learn from them that makes me who I am.


If you’re good at being a douche though, you’re a douche – don’t let anything I said before this make you think that saving a particular type of cactus from being eaten by some super camel make you a good human being.

I’m just joking. Do good, be good and all will be good. . . or not; what am I?? FATE??


May the light in all things be with you.