This is exactly how I felt when I moved my blog here. . . I might’ve already posted about it. . . but Tlale did so more succinctly. SALUTE!!!

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“I put one foot in front of the other one…I don’t need a new love nor a new life; just a better place to die…!”

Moving forward seems like a better idea than moving on…well, as far as my blog is concerned. I won’t go into the intricacies of why I am moving my blog from its previous home of almost 3 years but I will tell you that this seemed like a better option because my Smart Phone has a WordPress app. That’s the whole point of having a Smart Phone, right? It’s supposed to do what an average phone cannot. By “average” I mean the current average because I’m aware that 5 years from now, the average phone will be as distant a memory as the telegram is to us techno-savvy people.

It hurt a little that “” was already taken, as that was my former blog’s address…

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A Piece About A Piece

The are always bigger things at play. To believe that what happens on the surface is all there is is a combination of myopia, naïveté and ignorance.

I found this written in one of my (very many) Scribbling Places – “normal” writers (yes I’m suggesting that I don’t think this term applies to writers. . . probably most people. . . except accountants – those guys have “normal” down to a tee) . . .
where was I??
OH!! normal writers have one or two Notepads to jot ideas down; I have several pages, books and apps for that. This causes problems because I’ll be in a certain mood when I start something – when the muse talks, don’t just listen, record that shit and make multiple copies (quote me on that) – then I’ll get distracted; usually by another random thought – I un/luckily have lots of muses (yes, this means numerous voices shooting off at the mouth simultaneously, which, may I add and yes I may because it’s MY blog, is the reason for my constant use of parentheses).

WOW! I hope you’re having fun reading this because I just lost myself again.
OH, so I’ll get distracted and then do/write something else and then be unable to channel the same energy to complete that piece.

That’s what happened here.

Thanks for reading this, you’re a REAL trooper.

May the light in all things be with you.

Building With Different Bricks

I usually state my intentions in my introductions; this makes perfect sense for an academic essay. . . but this is a blog …. MY blog, and I’m the one with not only the red pen to decide what’s correct, but the right to decide what’s in the syllabus!

So I’m choosing a more stream of consciousness style *this being said as if I don’t think I already write that way*

I feel as though the structure limits my creativity. My friend, Kiner says he prefers free verse to any structured poem because of the same reason, he said something like: “one sacrifices phrasing something more honestly in order to adhere to the rules of the certain type of poem” – I imagine he means like in the case of a sonnet, one might choose a word that has a specific number of syllables rather than one that would have represented the emotion/ experience/ etc…

That being said, I think trying to maintain a particular structure, is the reason why I haven’t been blogging as often as I would like to *ignores the fact that it’s just an excuse* – so I’m stopping. . .

I’ve stopped now.