How Far Down The Rabbit Hole Will You Go??

We’ve all heard the infamous term “conspiracy theory”. This would generally be used to describe an event for which the cause is generally disagreed upon by one or two parties. Such events include things like assassinations of presidents, secret societies and attacks on government buildings and so on.

Now, I watch many documentaries but unlike most, I – as I suggest you do from now on if you don’t already do so – research the topics discussed to see just how objective the creators of the documentaries have been. I do this for “True-Life-Dramas” just to see how much is correct, how much is PoCo (Politically Correct) and how much is plain made up to enhance the story – I mean, just because it’s a true story doesn’t mean I have to be bored enough to try to find something else to focus on; for me, this is generally “the unnecessarily hot woman”. Yes, you know her, she’s in every movie with a different face; generally the same body type but to serve the same purpose: To keep you TIM (in this case I’m just using myself as a representative for the masses – it’s my blog, so I can) watching even though the movie sucks.

If I remember correctly – you know, because high school was such a long time ago – Bertolt Brecht (a German playwright – he might be known for other things too but those aren’t relevant for my purpose) used to use unattractive women in his plays so as to keep the audience objective on the subject/issue the play discussed. If his technique was used commercially, I’d watch less movies.

But I digress. After I’ve done my research, I decide my stance on what the documentary discussed. Now, there are things I do believe we were lied to about: pretty much every assassination that ever took place ANYWHERE . . . wait, this isn’t important. What IS important is that you question EVERYTHING you’re told by the media – and consequently, anyone who uses it as a source. Heck, you should even question the things you hear from “reliable source” (I trust the inverted commas express how I feel about this term).


Now, of all the whistle-blowers – labled conspiracy theorists or terrorists by those they tried to expose – that I’ve come across, the one who stands out most is William Milton Cooper (6 May 1943 – 5 November 2001) had to be the one with the most comprehensive works – in terms of quantity and range of topics.Image

I would like to tell you the story of William Cooper but I feel like not only would I not do it justice – there’re people who have done so already, they can be accessed simply by googling. Now, as I mentioned, he had a LARGE volume of “works” in the form of podcasts on a myriad of topics. check out his works on

Now, there are things I believe and there are those I don’t but the ones I do, I have researched and made a decision to believe; you should do the same.

Don’t let your journey for truth stop; on your way down the rabbit hole:

May the light in all things be with you.



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