The Introduction – Thursday, 18 August 2011

Beware, for the world may one day take you seriously because that’s how you’ve unknowingly presented yourself; it’s at this moment that you must ask yourself two questions:
1. “Am I serious about this?”
2. “Do I have enough information to answer question one satisfactorily?”

It’s sad when the one talent you’re certain you were born with is one you wish was a skill so it would be easier to improve:
I’ve written a myriad of things: diary entries; Rap songs; poems; love letters (which in my opinion, the girls probably didn’t deserve – but I was blinded by. . . Infatutation); blog pieces and short stories. Now, in terms of what was publication, let’s review this list:
– My diary entries? Well, my obsession with self-preservation kept me from sharing my intimate secrets with people; besides, it’s a diary entry so publication is kinda counter-productive. . . Unless you’re Adrian Mole.
– Rap songs; other than the few friends, acquaintences and unfamiliar audiences who were (serendipitously) at the school/s, open mic sessions, parties or parking lots, I recorded a song or three with some friends and now my “Rap career” is. . . A cherished memory – on a few CDs.
– Poems tie in with Rap songs and love letters: Rap songs because of how many people got to experience them; and love letters because I would include a poem in my love letters – the part that I felt the girls deserved less. Interestingly, some of my best poems were the ones I put into love letters – I sure hope THEY kept them. . . Ok fine you got me, I don’t really care what they did. . . Because I still have them (only Puppy Love can make a teenage boy write out a rough draft, final draft, neater copy of final draft, decorated and/or neatest draft. . . Then give the latter to a girl).
-Love letters: already been explained except the audience was probably girlfriends on sleepovers and guys (probably not as into them as I was) who found the letter/s and or poem/s, had a laugh and stole or just remembered it to show/tell their friends.
– short stories and blog pieces are still in my many folders. . . Waiting.

This is where the wait stops.
Standby for results.


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