The Body (Why Thursday?) – Thursday, 25 August 2011

There can be no effect without a cause. Ironically, due to reactions (which some may argue are part of the effect, but that’s not my point so I will not entertain that thought/theory); effects CAUSE more causes and thus the cycle repeats itself. This is seen in the saying: “everything happens for a reason” – the REASON being the cause and THE HAPPENING (no, not the horror movie); the effect. This brings in to play the “Chicken or Egg” (“which came first?”) question because as seen above; effects result from causes and that creates more causes because the situation changes.
The motivation (cause) for starting the blog (effect) can be summed up in one sentence: I have a lot of mostly random, educational and controversial thoughts that I need to get out of my head and into those of others – you know; to not only lessen the burden but share the fun of possessing such AWESOMENESS . . . okay, I’m done tooting my own horn. To continue my sentence – which even a B in matric English tells me ended just before the full stop (go figure) but there’s more finality in saying there’s ONE sentence so bear with me – I needed a more concise method of publicising these thoughts and VOILA; Earthly Ideas was born. This created the cause/s which I’ll be sharing with you in this piece: When to start and how often to blog – longest intro EVER, right?
At some point, I spent my Sunday to Thursday (over seventy percent of the week) waiting for Friday and Saturday (under thirty percent – see, who needs Maths? I could calculate percentages when I was 5. . . Okay, seriously, I’m putting this horn away). There were numerous explanations for this; the most prevalent of which was my contempt for school – I will go into more detail about this topic in later pieces. During these years, the only sip/s of alcohol was/were from my father after I’d fetched, opened and poured some beer into a glass for him – don’t judge me, you know very well that you either also did this, just sat by wishing that you too could have some, OR stole some sips BEFORE you took the glass to him (which is SO SNEAKY!! – see; now I’m judging you!!).
I then went to High School; I would say that between grades eight and eleven, I would only consume alcohol once every three or more months – due to my seemingly rebellious attitude and behaviour (also a probable future blog topic); I understand why those I went to school with might beg to differ, but this is MY blog, not a debate. In matric however, how often I consumed alcohol increased in frequency and I’d stopped, at least as much as possible, going to parties where I wasn’t allowed to drink (family gatherings included).
It was at some time between then and year later that the “Phuza Thursday” phenomenon began. For those who don’t know, “Phuza” is the isiZulu word for “drink” – the verb; therefore the regular South African youth’s practise/s on this day should be self-explanatory. It is a now a seemingly widespread attitude among the youth or youth-minded (whether you think it to mean immature or young-at-heart) that if The Weekend is a movie, Thursday is the preview.
I chose Thursday as the day to publish my pieces; not because I agree that Thursday should be the last day of the week – yes, I too believe that this is a great idea – or because I have some inferiority complex about my blog being the proverbial trailer to everyone else’s proverbial movie; but also because I wanted for there to be something else about Thursday that one (future friends and family of the blog) could look forward to other than having alcoholic drinks with people – or by themselves; “to each his own” I’m not judging. LOL.
That being said: I trust you’ll take some time from your potential drinking sessions on Thursdays or a bit of your employers’ time on Friday to read my blog which will generally – subject to change – only be between five hundred and a thousand words long: then share your views with me so that we may find ways to embellish our experience on this lovely Earth and share them with others when we see them at “The Movie”.
May the light in all things be with you.
One. Earth.

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