Startting From The Middle

So, at some point in 2011, I had the bright idea to blog for I was being plagued by all the right, wrong and just plain random things I found to be happening around this beautiful place (Earth not South Africa – that’d be rather myopic and I always thought of myself as a more open-minded person).

What was unfortunate was my laziness or lack of willingness to find an internet cafe each time I needed to blog so I became rather inconsistent with my posting. Now that WordPress has an application for Blackberry, this will be much easier.


Before we officially begin; I will be posting my pieces from Blgspot – where my last blog is hosted – so as to bring you to speed with what can be expected.
After having done this, we can move to that mobile blogging steez (yeah, I can be “urban” too. LOL)




May The Light In All Things Be With You


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