How Far Down The Rabbit Hole Will You Go??

We’ve all heard the infamous term “conspiracy theory”. This would generally be used to describe an event for which the cause is generally disagreed upon by one or two parties. Such events include things like assassinations of presidents, secret societies and attacks on government buildings and so on.

Now, I watch many documentaries but unlike most, I – as I suggest you do from now on if you don’t already do so – research the topics discussed to see just how objective the creators of the documentaries have been. I do this for “True-Life-Dramas” just to see how much is correct, how much is PoCo (Politically Correct) and how much is plain made up to enhance the story – I mean, just because it’s a true story doesn’t mean I have to be bored enough to try to find something else to focus on; for me, this is generally “the unnecessarily hot woman”. Yes, you know her, she’s in every movie with a different face; generally the same body type but to serve the same purpose: To keep you TIM (in this case I’m just using myself as a representative for the masses – it’s my blog, so I can) watching even though the movie sucks.

If I remember correctly – you know, because high school was such a long time ago – Bertolt Brecht (a German playwright – he might be known for other things too but those aren’t relevant for my purpose) used to use unattractive women in his plays so as to keep the audience objective on the subject/issue the play discussed. If his technique was used commercially, I’d watch less movies.

But I digress. After I’ve done my research, I decide my stance on what the documentary discussed. Now, there are things I do believe we were lied to about: pretty much every assassination that ever took place ANYWHERE . . . wait, this isn’t important. What IS important is that you question EVERYTHING you’re told by the media – and consequently, anyone who uses it as a source. Heck, you should even question the things you hear from “reliable source” (I trust the inverted commas express how I feel about this term).


Now, of all the whistle-blowers – labled conspiracy theorists or terrorists by those they tried to expose – that I’ve come across, the one who stands out most is William Milton Cooper (6 May 1943 – 5 November 2001) had to be the one with the most comprehensive works – in terms of quantity and range of topics.Image

I would like to tell you the story of William Cooper but I feel like not only would I not do it justice – there’re people who have done so already, they can be accessed simply by googling. Now, as I mentioned, he had a LARGE volume of “works” in the form of podcasts on a myriad of topics. check out his works on

Now, there are things I believe and there are those I don’t but the ones I do, I have researched and made a decision to believe; you should do the same.

Don’t let your journey for truth stop; on your way down the rabbit hole:

May the light in all things be with you.



Finally Committing To Something. . . Different – Thursday, 3 May 2012

I’m not too good with commitment; I think everyone with a tendency to over-think/analyze things – as friends of mine will confirm that I do all too well – is also. Heck, it took me four attempts just to find a First Sentence I could stick with. So as you’ve probably guessed, this article is about my (usually failed) relationships – or lack thereof – with girls . . . and then women (not necessarily when I got older – yeah, I’m shrugging right now. Haha).
Okay, I guess it’s only fair to state my main motivation for this: everyone I know (friends; acquaintances and colleagues) – who isn’t as emotionally-retarded as I constantly seem to be – is in a committed relationship: my sister, along with most of my cousins, is married and my brothers are both engaged. I, on the other hand, have not had a “girlfriend” since 2008 – yeah, I’ll let that sink in. . . . . . .

So, now that we’re over THAT; I’m going to go as far back as I remember and hopefully stumble upon the cause of my current state – yeah, I think I know it already but how good would this article be if I didn’t draw the story out so that there was some cathartic conclusion to it?

Yeah, it would still be a near–reminiscent rant of an emotionally–retarded overgrown boy SO; I’m going to just get to the meat of the story because seriously; how long can a three-paragraph introduction get? (that question’s rhetorical – that statement was obvious)

OKAY, no more stalling: when I was fourteen, I made a decision which, in hindsight may be the root cause of my emotional-retardation. The decision was to not express my negative emotions (mainly anger) to whoever made me feel them; this would – unknowingly so – keep me from expressing any emotion whatsoever.
This wasn’t a problem until I started dating a girl two years later (when my lack of expression was in full force) whom I was in love with; well, as much as a sixteen year old with an emotional “problem” can be. She wanted to change a few things about me, which I cannot – or just won’t – state so we she broke up with me; you can imagine my shock when her friends came to me afterwards to ask me what I’d done to her. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?! – wait, I already said you could.
Anyway, one of the things she wanted to change about me was my expression of my feelings – yeah, we’ve established the lack thereof by now so I’ll just call it this from here on. In all fairness to her, I couldn’t have been that great to be in a relationship with, I’m sure she would’ve received more emotional fulfilment from a plank: she still would’ve been as emotionally-unfulfilled; but she would’ve at least expected it.

So, I got my heart broken and I HATED it – yeah, I know how I don’t have a monopoly on that – so I did what any inexpressive fool would do, I decided to carry on with my expression of my feelings; even worse, I decided that I would be more detached in relationships until I was sure that they were going somewhere; this would have a VERY unexpected result: all the girls/women hooked up with (I say “hooked up” because I didn’t quite view them as relationships – which is sad because they did) had dads which, I later came to find out, were just as detached as I was; this made my flings end up as one-sided relationships.

I was more than happy to carry on this way until I realised that I don’t have a date for some things . . . or I have a different date the next time.
So, now I’m trying to be less of a plank; unfortunately I spent too long doing so and I have to learn to “unplank” myself.

So, after all that time committing to not committing; I’m working my way back to committing to something less cowardly; standby for results.
So, this can’t be as cathartic as I wanted, but that’s what happens with unfinished tales so I suppose the thing to do would be to say: to be continued.

May the light in all things be with you.
One. Earth.

L.O.V.E AND YOU AND … REALITY – Thursday, 1 September 2011

I’ve never been in love… at least not the “serious” kind. I always thought it to be one of the things movies created so that people would feel better about reality. I have now modified my view of love… or what it means to be in it – if there is a difference. I now believe that movies just do what they always do; EXXAGERATE!
The problem of course is that although people know that movies are mostly (if not completely) fictitious, they still tend to subconsciously believe what they say; especially when it comes to the way people behave: we dress the way they do; we talk the way they do; we laugh at what they tell us is funny and most importantly, we have the same idea of love that they do.
I am studying Sound Engineering which is a course that pretty much encompasses ALL things that have sound in them and this of course, includes movies. In a lecture on audio post production (I will not go into detail about this because then I would have to change the article’s title), my lecturer brought something to my attention – I say he “brought something to my attention” but the truth is that it’s like reading a self-help book, it tells you nothing you don’t know, it just makes the truth more apparent.
He said: “so often, we’re so convinced by what things sound like in movies that we’re disappointed by reality”. This of course, is just like every other thing that happens in movies, i.e. ‘movie-love’: it says that all things are filled only with joy, that two people can only show that they love each other through PHYSICAL means and more importantly, that things always end happily.
Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a negative view of love, I just feel that it – like many other things in movies – needs to be reviewed according to REALITY. See, the reason love in movies can ALWAYS work out for the best is the thing that separates movies from reality: PREDICTABILITY.
I was watching some stand-up comedy the other day where the comedian (I forgot his name) said that while he was watching a Rom-Com with his wife, his wife brought up how romantic a line said by a man in the movie was and then asked: “why don’t YOU ever say romantic things like that?” to which he replied “He can say that because the script is WRITTEN, if you jot something down, I’ll say whatever you want me to!”
The reason ‘movie-love’ can afford to have all of its positive attributes is because the parties involved KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.
Now, that being said, my improved view of love says that:
1. Sometimes, things going badly does not show a lack of love – in fact, at times it proves that there is more love than one originally thought there was (please, don’t let this be an excuse to be in an abusive relationship).
2. We are all meant to define what love means for OURSELVES – but be responsible enough to understand others’ definitions and not impose ours on them.
3. We are meant to accept that because we are different, our views of/on love will also be different but that doesn’t make them any less/more inferior/superior to ours.
At the end of the day, our beliefs shape our decisions which consequently shape our fate (who we become). Just always remember that Love cannot exist without compromise – from ALL parties involved.
My definition of love has now been refined; I now believe that love is acceptance and understanding without limitation (yeah, you can quote me on that) . . . if “movie-love” is working for you though; there is no love lost between us.
May the light in all things be with you.

One. Earth.

The Body (Why Thursday?) – Thursday, 25 August 2011

There can be no effect without a cause. Ironically, due to reactions (which some may argue are part of the effect, but that’s not my point so I will not entertain that thought/theory); effects CAUSE more causes and thus the cycle repeats itself. This is seen in the saying: “everything happens for a reason” – the REASON being the cause and THE HAPPENING (no, not the horror movie); the effect. This brings in to play the “Chicken or Egg” (“which came first?”) question because as seen above; effects result from causes and that creates more causes because the situation changes.
The motivation (cause) for starting the blog (effect) can be summed up in one sentence: I have a lot of mostly random, educational and controversial thoughts that I need to get out of my head and into those of others – you know; to not only lessen the burden but share the fun of possessing such AWESOMENESS . . . okay, I’m done tooting my own horn. To continue my sentence – which even a B in matric English tells me ended just before the full stop (go figure) but there’s more finality in saying there’s ONE sentence so bear with me – I needed a more concise method of publicising these thoughts and VOILA; Earthly Ideas was born. This created the cause/s which I’ll be sharing with you in this piece: When to start and how often to blog – longest intro EVER, right?
At some point, I spent my Sunday to Thursday (over seventy percent of the week) waiting for Friday and Saturday (under thirty percent – see, who needs Maths? I could calculate percentages when I was 5. . . Okay, seriously, I’m putting this horn away). There were numerous explanations for this; the most prevalent of which was my contempt for school – I will go into more detail about this topic in later pieces. During these years, the only sip/s of alcohol was/were from my father after I’d fetched, opened and poured some beer into a glass for him – don’t judge me, you know very well that you either also did this, just sat by wishing that you too could have some, OR stole some sips BEFORE you took the glass to him (which is SO SNEAKY!! – see; now I’m judging you!!).
I then went to High School; I would say that between grades eight and eleven, I would only consume alcohol once every three or more months – due to my seemingly rebellious attitude and behaviour (also a probable future blog topic); I understand why those I went to school with might beg to differ, but this is MY blog, not a debate. In matric however, how often I consumed alcohol increased in frequency and I’d stopped, at least as much as possible, going to parties where I wasn’t allowed to drink (family gatherings included).
It was at some time between then and year later that the “Phuza Thursday” phenomenon began. For those who don’t know, “Phuza” is the isiZulu word for “drink” – the verb; therefore the regular South African youth’s practise/s on this day should be self-explanatory. It is a now a seemingly widespread attitude among the youth or youth-minded (whether you think it to mean immature or young-at-heart) that if The Weekend is a movie, Thursday is the preview.
I chose Thursday as the day to publish my pieces; not because I agree that Thursday should be the last day of the week – yes, I too believe that this is a great idea – or because I have some inferiority complex about my blog being the proverbial trailer to everyone else’s proverbial movie; but also because I wanted for there to be something else about Thursday that one (future friends and family of the blog) could look forward to other than having alcoholic drinks with people – or by themselves; “to each his own” I’m not judging. LOL.
That being said: I trust you’ll take some time from your potential drinking sessions on Thursdays or a bit of your employers’ time on Friday to read my blog which will generally – subject to change – only be between five hundred and a thousand words long: then share your views with me so that we may find ways to embellish our experience on this lovely Earth and share them with others when we see them at “The Movie”.
May the light in all things be with you.
One. Earth.

The Introduction – Thursday, 18 August 2011

Beware, for the world may one day take you seriously because that’s how you’ve unknowingly presented yourself; it’s at this moment that you must ask yourself two questions:
1. “Am I serious about this?”
2. “Do I have enough information to answer question one satisfactorily?”

It’s sad when the one talent you’re certain you were born with is one you wish was a skill so it would be easier to improve:
I’ve written a myriad of things: diary entries; Rap songs; poems; love letters (which in my opinion, the girls probably didn’t deserve – but I was blinded by. . . Infatutation); blog pieces and short stories. Now, in terms of what was publication, let’s review this list:
– My diary entries? Well, my obsession with self-preservation kept me from sharing my intimate secrets with people; besides, it’s a diary entry so publication is kinda counter-productive. . . Unless you’re Adrian Mole.
– Rap songs; other than the few friends, acquaintences and unfamiliar audiences who were (serendipitously) at the school/s, open mic sessions, parties or parking lots, I recorded a song or three with some friends and now my “Rap career” is. . . A cherished memory – on a few CDs.
– Poems tie in with Rap songs and love letters: Rap songs because of how many people got to experience them; and love letters because I would include a poem in my love letters – the part that I felt the girls deserved less. Interestingly, some of my best poems were the ones I put into love letters – I sure hope THEY kept them. . . Ok fine you got me, I don’t really care what they did. . . Because I still have them (only Puppy Love can make a teenage boy write out a rough draft, final draft, neater copy of final draft, decorated and/or neatest draft. . . Then give the latter to a girl).
-Love letters: already been explained except the audience was probably girlfriends on sleepovers and guys (probably not as into them as I was) who found the letter/s and or poem/s, had a laugh and stole or just remembered it to show/tell their friends.
– short stories and blog pieces are still in my many folders. . . Waiting.

This is where the wait stops.
Standby for results.

Startting From The Middle

So, at some point in 2011, I had the bright idea to blog for I was being plagued by all the right, wrong and just plain random things I found to be happening around this beautiful place (Earth not South Africa – that’d be rather myopic and I always thought of myself as a more open-minded person).

What was unfortunate was my laziness or lack of willingness to find an internet cafe each time I needed to blog so I became rather inconsistent with my posting. Now that WordPress has an application for Blackberry, this will be much easier.


Before we officially begin; I will be posting my pieces from Blgspot – where my last blog is hosted – so as to bring you to speed with what can be expected.
After having done this, we can move to that mobile blogging steez (yeah, I can be “urban” too. LOL)




May The Light In All Things Be With You